Zombie Love

Good Samaritans for the win.

Zombie was an unclaimed stray who was lucky enough to come across three big hearts. His finders told us: “We are three roommates (a teacher, a grad student, and an artist) who have grown attached to this sweet dog and want to continue to care for him! However, we have very limited financial resources already and would really struggle to pay for the neutering and vaccines he needs. We already love this sweet guy and would be so grateful if badrap would help us out with getting him the medical attention he needs!” 

No problem! We’re always happy to see a dog avoid our overcrowded animal shelters. Welcome to your happy new life, Zombie – you lucky dang dog, you.

> Link to: Good Samaritan request form. 

Photo: In addition to veterinary care and general support, Good Sams are eligible receive free and immediate access to our Pit Ed classes to shine up their dog’s manners and support their good deeds. This is Zombie learning his ‘down’ from teacher Katie Moyer.

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