Yes, you CAN!

“I can’t.” “YES, you can!”

Titan’s human brought her female to a Nut Truck event to be spayed but left him at home. She felt she was unable to handle him around other dogs. “BRING HIM!” We begged. “We’ll make it work out for both of you.”

The beauty of this little photo is that she IS handling him and doing a great job. It took a little coaching, but within 30 minutes she was feeling confident and steady. 

This is actually a very common story and key reason many people avoid taking their dogs out in the world for walks, vet care and even training. If, dog forbid, they get displaced from their homes, life is not easy for these same now-unsocialized, untrained dogs. Helping dogs owners get dogs like Titan on track is one of the very best parts of doing community outreach and one of the most effective ways we know to ‘KeepEm Home.’

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