When a spay keeps her home

This young man lost his housing but luckily a relative offered to take ‘Gorda’ on – provided she was spayed. No problem, Gorda. We got this! Meeting the family on her spay day allowed us to open a conversation about dog/dog introductions and common sense management in her now multi-dog home.

Multi-family, multi-pet households are the norm in locales with housing shortages. The stress of sharing spaces can be a challenge, and it’s not uncommon for house mates to resort to evicting a dog after a preventable scuffle breaks out between pets. Providing multi-dog management info before conflict comes up can give families a head start on building good ground rules so their dogs stand a better chance of staying put.

Share this video with multi-pet management techniques that can work to keep the peace in just about any home. Managing Multi-Pet Households

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