Training help to keep them home

The Thompson’s weren’t planning to get a dog, but Rose appeared at their home one day as if she knew just where to go. Her Good Samaritans tell us they fully expected to find her owner since she was so clean and well-kept, but after a month of trying, they realized no one was looking for her. 

They loved Rose, but Maria was bothered by her rough, mouthy play style and bouncy lack of manners. While they waited for her turn to be spayed on our Nut Truck, they gobbled up lessons and our best help for teaching her boundaries and smoothing her manners. We were happy when they dropped in for more help at our Saturday classes, especially as Maria’s confidence and handling skills improved. With some luck, Rose will be home for keeps.

A widespread lack of affordable training and handling classes create challenges and pet surrender decisions wherever larger dogs are popular. At each event we hold, requests for training help nearly outweigh requests for spay/neuter surgeries. Reducing the overcrowding in animal shelters will require more affordable training resources on the outside, working to keep the bouncy Roses of the world well mannered and at home.

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