Supporting the Helpers

Ayana is the kind of unsung community hero who helps untold numbers of animals in our neighborhoods. She’s not able to have a dog, but took this pup in from an unhealthy situation and set out to find her a responsible home. The problem was, she didn’t know where to start, and understandably wanted to avoid taking her to the animal shelter.

Her ad on Craigslist initially caught our eye. It can be hard for families to know their best resources when they have a dog that needs help – a symptom of the disconnect between under resourced animal lovers and the city agencies and non-profits who would otherwise be able to assist. To help where we can, we routinely review Craigslist postings and post our own ads as a way to connect with helpers like Ayana and families in crisis.

Charlotte needed some dog skills when she first came to us, and enjoyed a few weeks of fun and learning. When she was finally schooled in dog etiquette (thank you, helper dogs), she found the perfect family. We’re grateful to Ayana for being the tipping point in this pup’s life that lead her away from potential harm and to a safe, happy new start.

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