Support for Good Samaritans

Shauna and Matty took on an unexpected house guest when Cisco lost his family to a housing shortage. They felt alone and overwhelmed with the job of finding an adopter for this bigger, bouncy boy, and they knew they were on a tight deadline due to an upcoming move of their own. Our program provides free weekly training classes and support to help Good Samaritans set their foundlings up for success. We counsel homes on best practices for marketing homeless dogs, we create adoption matches when possible and work with their adopters so the transition is smooth and lasting.

Shauna jumped in with both feet, built a Facebook page (Cisco Needs a Home), and cleaned up his leash manners in Pit Ed class so he showed well to prospective adopters. By supporting Good Samaritans, animal lovers can help prevent homeless dogs from landing in shelters, and without overextending existing foster home resources. As a result of Shauna and Matty’s hard work, Cisco found a new loving home in just over two month’s time.

A fun HOW-TO SLIDESHOW for Good Samaritans everywhere. Look for Cisco!

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