SOS for a Service Dog

Blu is a PTSD Service Dog for Army Veteran Nicole Poppic. She suffered disturbing traumas while on duty and her boy is everything to her including her independence and sense of security. We received a frantic message from Nicole after Blu collapsed. Both his knees gave out and he was unable to walk.

I am a veteran of the US army who has PTSD. I have a Pitbull/American Bulldog mix named Blu who is my trained service dog. He has been with me since I worked with an organization called capital city K9 to pull him from the pound and train him as my service dog in 2016. Blu has allergies and has had a slight limp in his left back side as long as I have had him. This morning, however, he couldn’t stand on that paw at all and now, he can’t put weight on his right front paw either. He collapses when he tries to stand. 
Why don’t I take him to the vet? I am a veteran living off mine and my husband’s disability and my GI bill with 3 children who just spent all but $16 of the money I had in the bank replacing the water heater which burst on Friday. (When it rains it pours). Is there anyone you know of that will help me help Blu? I can’t live without him. I have PTSD from military sexual trauma. I was sexually assaulted in the army and Blu makes me feel safe. He would never let anyone hurt me and I need to help him. PLEASE HELP! 

With a matching gift from BR, donors helped us raise enough help Nicole pay for a double TPLO or other option to get him on the job again. Here’s their happy update:

“Our vet decided that because Blu is overweight and has atrophy in his back legs from favoring them for so long (especially on the left) he is not a good candidate for surgery. However, he is a great candidate for platelet rich plasma therapy and laser therapy. We started laser therapy today with the braces and since the vet wants to do both for a period of 6-9 months, it is good we started at the same time. The PRP treatment is scheduled for next week and is just an outpatient procedure. Blu already seems to be feeling better and was actually RUNNING with the other dogs when we got home. ❤️”

Much gratitude to the donors who helped and the veterinarian who reduced his fees so Nicole could have her comrade back in good health.

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