Social media to the rescue

(2015) CeliaSue’s call for help was urgent: Living on a very small monthly Social Security check, this 65 year old journalist had aleady been homeless with her dog Cici for six months and was dealing with breast cancer when we learned of her situation. With so many homeless families in need, this pair really needed a boost to get their story noticed. A video interview introduced her to a wide community of humanitarians and animal lovers, who jumped into action by sharing her story to their circles and donating to her fundraiser. Monies raised got her out of her car and into a comfortable pet friendly hotel room where she could pursue breast cancer treatment.

Even better, the facebook shares quickly generated a temporary dog friendly room share situation in the SF Bay Area. Just ten days after the campaign launched, both were soon safe and resting in their new home, where CeliaSue could catch her breath and focus on getting her health back.

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