Rico – For Family

We first met them both in 2016 during a Nut Truck event. They made such an impression – Both Rico and his owner Edith were deeply bonded and incredibly kind. Dr. Noe removed a tumor during his neuter. It was benign, but because he’d already been diagnosed with mast cell cancer, we all worried.

ricoA few months later, a new tumor surfaced and grew quickly. The cost of removal was beyond Edith’s means, so was covered through KeepEm Home program funds. Edith cooked a wonderful meal for our volunteer crew at the next Oakland-based event as a way to give back.

Rico and his family became part of BADRAP’s family, and we stayed in close touch. In a cosmic coincidence, we visited on the same day that another terrible tumor ulcerated. The writing was on the wall at that point and he was suffering now, so the whole extended family said good-bye and we took him to our vet for his last procedure – a humane euthanasia. Many tears, so much love.

Helping him and becoming part of his family was an honor and a privilege. Rico is appearing in the Unexpected Pit Bull 2019 Calendar – Forever loved. Please support this calendar if you can. 100% of their profits go to orgs that help pit bull type dogs, including BADRAP. 

Rest in peace, sweet boy.

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