Networking pet friendly rentals

A stranger’s thoughtfulness made all the difference after we received this email from Frances, who was desperate for housing: 

I have been endlessly emailing, searching, craigslisting, Facebook messaging on pet friendly housing groups. Leroy has his CGC and his assistance dog tags through SFACC. I have been bouncing around between renting rooms from friends houses, commuting from Napa to San Francisco for work and house sitting. I have not had a day off since October and where I am staying is not safe. I would never part with either Leroy nor my Pomeranian mix but I am about to live in my honda element.

Thankfully, a renter with a pet friendly home alerted us when she was getting ready to give up her apartment. That tip was the answer to Frances’ months long search. We encourage more pet owning renters to do the same. By being conscientious caretakers of your home and sharing news with animal shelters and rescue groups when you leave, you are actively participating in keeping dogs safe and preventing family break ups in your town. Thank you!

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