Mission: Convince the Landlord

He was stray, unclaimed and <ahem> a total wild man on leash.

The only thing ‘Bowie’ had going for him was two very committed Good Samaritans who took him in off the streets. They’d never had a dog before, so this has been a bit of a crash course in everything – training, especially. Trial by fire. 

We were glad that they found their way to Saturday’s Pit Ed class where Good Sams get immediate access. At first, Bowie was so naughty that he couldn’t be near the other dogs. Not surprising, the landlord wanted him gone. But now, things are very different.

Bowie – who is whip smart and loves to work for praise and treats – made a dramatic U-turn on his manners, and the landlord was impressed enough to drop her previous concerns and put on the lease. The last we heard, the landlord has fallen hard for Bowie and bought him a little outfit to wear.

Mission Convince the Landlord: Accomplished. Huzzah!

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