Microchips to keep them home

Elizabeth adores her dogs Winchester and Falcore and brought them both to our free clinic in March 2014 for neuter surgeries, vaccinations, microchips and training advice. A few months later, they became lost and were picked up by a Good Samaritan. The dogs were on their way to the overcrowded Oakland Animal Services until the finder scanned for microchips and learned that they’d come through one of our clinics. We were able to locate the very worried Elizabeth and the dogs were home within an hour.

We’re phoned in cases where the owner may have changed their phone number or is not answering. We use every available tool to locate them, including finding friends or family linked to their pages on facebook or alerts on our own widely seen page. By maintaining photos of dogs we’ve chipped in our database, we’re able to get word out faster. In just about every situation, we’re able to find the owner so the dog is saved. In cases where an owner has fallen on hard times and is unable to reclaim their pet, we do our best to intake the dog into our adoption program and find them new homes. 

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