Lulo – For Safekeeping

Lulo’s first owner suffered a violent crime and had to quit her job, give up her housing and move in with friends for care and support as she healed. Unfortunately that home did not allow dogs, and Lulo’s owner was unable to find someone in her circles to take him in. Bringing him to an overcrowded animal shelter during this time of trauma was incomprehensible, so we were grateful that she reached out and asked for help.

We knew he was a special dog when she told us she was a teacher and socialized him to the nines since getting him from a student as a young pup. He’s such a goofy character, and he came with a favorite blanket that he suckles when he needs a little comfort. Our best hope was that we would hold onto him for a few weeks or months, then he could go back home after she got her life back on track – Happy ever after.

Sadly, that plan was not meant to be – the high cost of living and lack of pet friendly rentals forced his owner’s hand and closed the door on their being able to be together again. After six months of hoping for the best, Lulo was absorbed into the home of a longtime BADRAP volunteer. He’s safe and happy, but we’re certain he’ll never forget the woman who loved him for the first five years of his life.


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