Life in a car during C-19

When Covid-19 first surfaced, the need to move houseless pet owners into safe housing became urgent. This dog owner – ‘R’ – was living in her car and needed help badly. Ironically, a local animal welfare group denied low cost boarding help for her dogs because she wasn’t sick with Covid-19 … yet. If she became sick, options would open. 

R’s situation needed several solutions, so supporting her became a small village effort. First, to get her some groceries since she’d been without food, then safety for her three dogs. An incredible volunteer raised her hand to foster them in her home for several weeks while R looked for work. More groceries to help her get by. Pet supplies for the dogs. Job coaching and housing resources shared. A fundraiser to boost her ability to pay for first month’s rent and security deposit.

jAfter a few very stressful weeks, all the pieces came together. ‘R’ secured a decent job, a dog friendly house share opened up for her, and the donated monies needed to move in were ready. It wasn’t an easy transition, but so much safer than riding out Covid-19 in a car with three very stressed dogs.

Recently, ‘R’ reached out again but this time with an offer of help. She’s since secured a better job with a pet supply store and wanted to give back. Even better, she was safe, her dogs were safe and she sounded happy.

With many thanks to Parichehr Milani for shouldering so much of the effort to help R with dog care work, fundraising and mentoring. 

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