Judgment hurts

Mila’s owners have good jobs but when medical bills mounted, they fell into financial distress. After losing their pet-friendly housing, ‘D’ drove to several animal shelters in hopes of finding a program that would accept their dog, but she was turned away again and again (Due to overcrowding, most of our shelters do not accept owner surrendered dogs, especially those from other cities). By the time we talked with D, Mila was living in the car, her family was split into pieces and she was despondent. We offered to take Mila in and hold her for 30 days while they searched for housing, but a month came and went and it was time to find Mila a new home. The shame of losing everything and then feeling judged is a common story with families who hit hard times and are forced to give up their beloved pets.

I can’t begin to explain how difficult it has been being separated from our girl.  When I’ve tried to explain with friends and co-workers I’ve received blank stares or been told outright that she’s just a dog and I’ll eventually get another.  She is our family.  And as tremendously grateful as we are to have her in such great care, we are heartbroken and terrified of the possibility of never seeing her again.  Throughout the day I’m wondering how she’s getting along.  If she’s feeling as if we have abandoned her.  Her great big personality is sorely missed by her family.  We are so grateful for the work you do but also for the care and support you give and especially for not judging.. So very grateful.” – ‘D’

Good News Update: Mila was held in safety in a temporary home, then! – one year after she was separated from her family – they got back on their feet and found a dog friendly rental. Their reunion was one for the record books!

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