Final comfort for a friend

Here’s the thing: You’ve fallen on hard times, you’re in between homes and your dog is starting to have violent seizures. You spend a few frantic hours looking for help and by the time you find it, it’s too late. Ceasar made it to a vet clinic finally where help was waiting (Thank you Noble Vet Clinic) but despite everyone’s best efforts, the best we could offer him was a humane euthanasia. Then, the difficult realization that the dog you loved is going to be landfilled with untold numbers of other animals, and you never get to bring him home. Some of us can live without our pet’s remains, but to others – it makes a personal crisis ten times worse. So for Mike and others just like him, having a private cremation is everything. But the cost! 

Which brings me to Ceasar. When she heard his story, a very special supporter of our program made sure that the cost of a private cremation was covered so his owner Mike could bring his friend home. We hope she knows how much comfort she’s brought. Immeasurable.

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