Crates = Homes

Being without a home during a pandemic is less than ideal. The scramble to find housing for thousands of houseless families and individuals this year was admirable, but those who own beloved pets are routinely counseled to surrender in order to qualify. It’s an excruciating dilemma.

Back in May, our friends and supporters helped numerous unsheltered pet owners transition to housing by donating dozens of wire dog crates and cat carriers. This simple and easy to use management tool can open doors for pet owners to hotels and apartments.

Sacramento Covered is the umbrella program for ‘Pathways,’ a small focus with a mighty social worker who worked tirelessly to help unhoused families get off the streets during C-19 lockdowns. 

Jennifer Contreras told us: “Often times, pets and lack of resources are a barrier to getting our folks indoors. We could greatly benefit from crate donations which can impact the services we are able to provide. If you are able to assist in any way, we would great appreciate it!”

No problem! The outpouring of support from friends on BR’s Facebook page was incredible. We’re very grateful for their response and for Jennifer’s dedication to this goal.

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