Camp Fire: Tammy & Nel

UPDATE: Tammy & Nel were matched to a Bus Home (tour), and with it came several opportunities and connections. The safety net created by finding some stability allowed Tammy to gather some steam and hopscotch from Bus Life to a full time job and a dog friendly home in Fort Bragg.

Backstory: She had just relocated from Illinois when the Camp Fire hit. A Walmart parking lot became an impromptu campground for her and scores of shellshocked survivors. “Without Nel, I would have been lost. We face the long haul, the fire, the rebuilding and new friendships together. It’s one step at a time in the rebuilding process. It’s not for the faint of heart. No individual alone can maneuver through this type of crisis.” She’s built a small community since the fi re, people who help buffer the stress of meeting day-to-day challenges. A small leaky trailer provided temporary shelter while she pondered her next steps.

Through the KEH project, Tammy received some emergency assistance including funds and supplies to support their recovery. Later, Tammy and Nel were able to move from their problematic trailer and settle into BR’s guest cabin for a time so Nel could get spayed and Tammy could pick up smalls jobs and work on the Bus Homes. We’re grateful for the energy and fun she brought to this project.


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