Camp Fire: Support for Zena

When Chris Pallari and his family found a dog friendly rental after the fire took their home, their new landlord accepted their two dogs, but required that they be spay/neutered. No problem. Chris set out to get that done, but unfortunately Zena never fully recovered after she woke from the anesthesia. She was nearly paralyzed in her back legs.

He told us: “I spent a little over $7000 in vet bills trying to figure out what was wrong with no solid answer. UC Davis has recommended physical therapy underwater treadmill and such to help her walk again. The money spent was from the insurance for my house burning down in the recent camp fires. I’m hoping you might know someone in the Chico area that can assist me with the  physical therapy at low or no cost. The money spent was supposed to go to my rebuild what’s left needs to go towards our new house as I’m currently in a tiny one bed room apartment with my wife 9 month old daughter and my 2 bully’s and a cat.”

Helping such committed dog owners during their time of need was a given. We worked it out so Zena could come to Oakland for two weeks of intense physical therapy with the pros at Holistic Veterinary Care. We donated the cost for one of the weeks of therapy ($750) and boarded Zena overnight at the Rescue Barn during her time here.

Additional therapy was recommended, but the costs were outside of everybody’s means. Thankfully, the sessions she received seem to have made a difference. Chris reports that Zena has nearly full use of one of her legs now, and the other is becoming stronger every day.

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