Camp Fire: Moose's Family

mUPDATE 7/19: Happiest news. Megan & Glen have purchased a new home and are looking forward to starting a new life. Their dog Moose is not well, and they hope to move in in time for him to enjoy it.

Megan and Glen Rawie lost their home but were able to escape with their dog Moose and two cats. Poor Moose was boarded for several weeks while they searched for a rental that would accept them all, and during that time, the stress seemed to bring out a number of mass cell tumors on Moose’s beautiful body, including the top of his head. They were removed, but Moose is likely to see more tumors crop up as the cancer decides what it wants to do.

The Rawies have been holding it together, but of course the stress is a constant in their lives as they grapple with the pile of ashes and debris that used to be their home, and all the decisions they have to make about their detoured lives.

Despite their obvious traumas, these guys are some of the nicest people you’ll meet, and their dog is an adorable burrito of smiles. To lighten their load a bit, we’re asking our friends and supporters to please consider helping them with gift cards or even a few household goods to bring them some comforts and lift their spirits. Gas cards are a premium because both Megan and Glen now have to drive an excessive distance from their rental in Red Bluff to their jobs in Chico. Read Megan’s message between the photos below.

An interview with Megan created by her employer, CSU Chico Employees Union, starts at 1:25: VIDEO

** Amazon WISH LIST that includes comforts for home and gift cards.
** GoFundMe Page for Moose’s vet care


As far as needs, this is all a new journey, so I am extremely grateful and humbled for anything. It’s overwhelming knowing we are literally starting over and have to rebuild our lifetime of cherished belongings and memories. Funds will be applied towards gas as both my commute is now an hour (45 miles) vs. half an hour (15 miles). At this time we are leaning towards not rebuilding in Paradise, and anticipate we’ll be in the Red Bluff rental for 12-24 months. I will also obtain additional animal supplies such as flea/tick treatment, heart worm prevention medication.

Thank you for your generosity and compassion during this incredibly challenging time. We have a long and extremely tough road ahead of us, but with the support and help from friends, family, and even complete strangers reaching out, we will rise from the ashes.

With gratitude and appreciation, Megan Rawie


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