Camp Fire: Loki & the Walts

Walt & Sheila Lane have been fighting their insurance company almost daily since the fire destroyed their neighborhood. In a strange twist of fate, their house is still standing, but moving back to a fire-damaged property comes with big problems, health risks among them. In light of Walt’s recent battle with lung cancer, it’s not a risk they’re willing to take. The energetic Loki has had a hard time adjusting to hotel life and grinds
out his anxiety in a local park, chasing endless tennis balls. One day, one battle, one tennis ball at a time. Their stamina in the face of this impossible situation is the stuff of triathletes.

We were able to offer them a financial gift for emergency expenses, some supplies, vet care and training/behavior help for their very rattled dog, Loki. 

Their story and their fundraiser HERE.



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