Camp Fire: Help for Renters

With a crushing housing shortage in NorCA, we can’t recommend proactive self promotion enough to those dog owners who are displaced. This note from a Camp Fire survivor made our day, and confirmed our belief that compassionate landlords exist, and they appreciate hearing from prospective tenants who are willing to go the extra mile with a Pet Resume and cover letter.

Thank you Danielle for this encouraging feedback on your successful home search:

“My name is Danielle and until 11/8/18, I was living in Paradise, CA. It’s been quite a roller coaster ever since then. One of the biggest stressors following was finding a rental for me and my two pitties. I wanted to thank you for your tips for renters. I wrote my story and pet resume and included a picture of my babies. I got a very positive response and many places were offered to me without even needing to apply. We now have a cute and safe place to heal from this tragedy. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you do. You helped me and since then I have been sharing the same tips with my friends. Forever thankful.” – Danielle, Bug & Mila

LINK to housing tips.

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