Camp Fire: Bus Recipient

NOTE: We’re happy to report that Skeeter’s request for a converted Bus Home was accepted and she’s all moved in!

See the photos.

Like so many couples, the stresses of the fire caused a split in Skeeter’s marriage. Disabled and on her own now, she’s sleeping in a pick-up while picking up the pieces. We’re currently fast-tracking the work involved in retrofitting a shuttle bus into a ‘tiny home’ so she can have a safe, comfortable place to live while she sets her sights on rebuilding at the site where her lovely home burned to the ground. She’ll be sharing the bus with her cat and dog Ethel.

She told us, “I am a disabled 55 year old female and a bus would be so much easier and comfortable that the back of a pick up. I suffer from horrible night time muscle cramps that require me to stand multiple times during the night and I’m really worried about that in the back of a pickup! 

I got my girl Ethel as a pup when I stopped working due to illness. It was just me and her at home 24/7. She got me thru brain surgery and spine surgery.”



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