Camp Fire: Bus Recipient

UPDATE: James Bennett’s Bus Home is completed and delivered! See PIX.

He moved into his mom’s garage with his seven dogs after the Camp Fire took his rental home. He told us, “We lost our home and everything we own in the Camp Fire the morning of Nov 8th just barely escaping with our dogs and our lives in our old SUV, and while we had no insurance and suffered complete loss, FEMA has helped us and we have a travel trailer to live in but it’s too small for my father and dogs and me. Our dogs mean everything to us and either way we’ll never let them go.”

“We’ve secured a spot on a neighbors property that didn’t burn to wait out the year or so until they allow us back on our property, it has septic and water but no power. My dad gets SSI of $831 a month and I mostly made ends meet by cording up wood and selling to people on the hill. Although now there’s not many trees or people on the hill so… I’m not sure and I know we’ll make it but an opportunity like this would make our lives so much better while waiting in limbo for the county to let us go home.”

We met his dogs and they’re one of the nicest packs we’ve known. We’re requiring that James neuter one of his dogs (the rest are fixed) and build a fence on the property where he’ll be staying as a condition of receiving a bus. UPDATE: All requirements are complete. Thanks, James!


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