Camp Fire: Buddy's Zoo

Emergency Housing 

Cinda and Charles were renters with jobs when the Camp Fire hit. Their son Aaron was going to high school. They lost everything including their livelihoods so have slept in a crowded car, in hotel rooms and in a crowded home so Aaron could stay in the area to finish out his school year. We met them back in December during a visit to Chico to distribute dog supplies and have supported them through other KEH-based donations as we were able. While they struggle with all the challenges that come with fire trauma and loss, they’ve stayed active as volunteers at a local church, serving meals and helping other survivors find life saving resources.

Last winter, BR and BR supporters helped the Larimer family raise several thousand dollars to buy an RV or other solution of their choice. They settled on a large truck (in the photo) that offers more comfort for sleeping and enough power to pull an RV. Until they find one that fits their budget, the family – which includes four cats, a turtle and a dog named Buddy – is piecing together places to sleep within their network of friends. Needless to say, living out of a truck is not a permanent housing solution for anyone, but it offers security during an insecure time. UPDATE: In September, the Larimer family was finally able to secure a trailer for longterm living.






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