Build it and they will come

“Can you help my neighbor’s dog too?” 
“Yes, of course. Go get him. We’ll hold you a spot.”

News shot out like greased lightening when the Nut Truck rolled up to Rudsdale High School in East Oakland for a day of helping the local dogs. Dozens were there with their dogs seeking spay/neuter help, vaccines, microchips and training help from our volunteer crew. What was looking like an eight surgery day turned into a 10 dog day, then 12, then 18, then 20 requests – not counting the requests from non-blocky dog owners – until we had to wave the white flag. Whatever Blocky dogs couldn’t get on the table that day were given free spay/neuter vouchers, and smaller dogs were referred to other programs who could meet their needs.

Gone are the days when we have to work hard to help dog owners learn about the benefits of neutering their dogs. These days, the slogan is: Build it and they will come.

Photo: James holds his neighbor’s dog ‘Shadow’ as he gets sleepy from his pre-surgery sedative.

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