Big family, Big help.

The cute pit bull in the photo – ‘Candy’ – was a stray who was helped off the streets by a kind family. The Boxer was their family pet. Before they knew it, they had an unintended litter of pit bull /boxer mix puppies. Oops. We first met them when they were advertising for homes for the pups on Craigslist.

Hello. Can we help you with a spay and neuter for your dogs?”
YES! Thank you!”

We fixed both adult dogs during one of our Nut Truck events, along with a puppy they wanted to keep. But wait, there was more. Another puppy had been getting beat up a lot at the house. Could we help him? ‘Of course.’ Clyde came home with us and found a quick home with a former adopter.

We had a fun day with this family and are grateful they responded to our offer of help. Great dogs, great people – Good vibes all the way around.

Photos Kathy Kinnear

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