A Safety Net

His first owner was struggling with housing when he brought ‘Otis’ and a female dog to a Nut Truck event for help in 2017. At first, he only wanted vaccines, then after he befriended our team and spent several hours discussing everything from dog training to breeding and canine genetics, he decided to accept our offer to have both dogs spay/neutered. It was the microchip that changed the course of the male dog’s life, though.

Otis showed up in an East County animal shelter several months after we’d first met and Animal Control followed up to let us know that a dog we had chipped was now in crisis. His owner didn’t own a phone, and the secondary contact info he provided on his microchip info was a dead end. We felt obligated to help him, in part because we remembered our interactions we’d had with his owner, and we had the idea that it’s what he would’ve wanted for his dog.

He’s a good boy and he went to the home of a longtime volunteer for safe keeping, then was later adopted to a family. It all worked out well for him, but of course we can’t help but wonder where his first human ended up and if he’s doing okay.

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