A Place to Rest

Diamond and Robert didn’t have housing, but they had each other. We got to know them both when Diamond needed vet care including diagnostics for a worrisome tumor. They adored each other, so it was a difficult day when Robert reached out to tell us she’d passed away. To add to his grief, he was very distressed because it was a warm summer day and he didn’t have way to bury his friend or pay for cremation. 

After a few alerts went out, Jose from Well Pet Vet Clinic met Robert and took Diamond back to the clinic, and longtime Nut Truck partner Beth Garland covered the cost of a cremation. Most of us dog owners might take end of life luxuries like burials or cremation needs for granted, but just imagine being in Robert’s same situation with your own beloved pet. It’s almost unbearable. 

We’re always grateful when stories like these remind us how lucky we are, and show us how we can be a help to other dog owners during their time of need.


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