A new home when the chips fall

Despite everyone’s best efforts, we don’t always succeed in helping dogs stay in their original homes. When dogs who’ve been microchipped at our outreach events show up stray months or years later, we’re alerted by shelters and then do our best to track down their owners to learn if we can help them be reunited. Occasionally we’re successful, but in many cases, we’re challenged to decide if we can work the dogs into our adoption program.

Beast came to one of our events to be neutered two years prior to landing in a shelter, but we remembered his charismatic personality as soon as we matched his microchip number with photos from the event. His owner confirmed that he’d surrendered his dog when he lost his apartment and job, and he could no longer afford to board him. Beast is such a delightful, well socialized dog that we knew his owner loved him dearly. A donation to our Keep’em Home Project allowed us to board him with a volunteer while his owner searched for a job and a dog friendly home. Sadly, our agreement to hold Beast for two months came and went and we needed to shift gears and re-focus energies into placing him in a new home instead. We can’t win them all, but we’re grateful that a microchip lead us back to Beast when he was desperate for help. 


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