A close call

A Close Call: Bella has a heart murmur and needed to be spayed, but her owner had been unable to find an affordable vet who could help this summer. She told us:

“Bella had a litter of eight puppies in Feb 2020. After she had the puppies my plan was to spay her. Unfortunately COVID hit hard and everything shut down, after losing my job in July, I moved from Houston to California to live with my sister. I finally have a job here and was planning on getting her and my male dog fixed but she’s now pregnant. I was so careful to not let them mate but it seems I wasn’t careful enough. It’s only been six months since she last gave birth which also worries me as she hadn’t gained all her weight back prior to getting pregnant this second time. I just desperately need help. I’ve called so so so many places but have reached dead ends as most places don’t have availability until October.”

By the time she found our group, Bella’s pregnancy was advanced, but her health is not good and she faced a very real chance of complications. It’s not fun to do late term spays, but considering all the circumstances, this was a necessary decision.

We want to thank Dr. Joo and the staff at VCA Bay Area Animal Hospital / Oakland for helping us with this difficult emergency. Dr. Joo gave her excellent care and Bella recovered nicely. Let’s hope that life can get a little easier for this family from here on out.

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