Training Class Location / Update. Location Change!

Where is Class?



BADRAP’s Pit Ed Classes are free for 1) Good Samaritans with pit bull type dogs and 2) ‘blocky dogs’ adopted from BADRAP 2) Nut Truck clients who’ve met for training help at one of our outreach and 3) approved BACS shelter dogs while they are living at Berkeley Animal Care Services.  

PLEASE NOTE. NEW TRAINING SITE: Our training grounds are being developed and are no longer usable. We now meet every other Saturday in a park in San Leandro.

Interested in attending? Drop us a line to arrange:

Email for info and times. We cancel for downpours, but still hold classes in drizzle. Cancellations and changes are announced on a (private) planning page. 

We look forward to seeing you again!


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