Buddy's Zoo - Bus #4

Emergency Housing 

Cinda and Charles were renters with jobs when the Camp Fire hit. Their son Aaron was going to high school. They lost everything including their livelihoods so have slept in a crowded car, in hotel rooms and in a crowded home so Aaron could stay in the area to finish out his school year. We met them back in December and have been impressed with their commitment to each other, their stoicism and focus. While they struggle with all the challenges that come with fire trauma and loss, they've stayed active as volunteers at a local church, serving meals and helping other survivors find life saving resources.

busThe family is losing their room share this month and they have no where to go. BR supporters helped them buy a bigger truck (in the photo) that offers more comfort for sleeping, but their family also includes four cats, a turtle and a dog named Buddy. Needless to say, living out of a truck is not a housing solution for anyone, much less three humans and six pets.

With almost no funds and very little help from FEMA and the Red Cross, they're forced to consider sleeping in a tent until they find a way out of this crisis. A Bus Home is an emergency measure so they can stay safe, dry and off the ground while they sort out next steps.

Our crew is working fast to build a livable space inside the tiny floor plan of the Bus. It's not going to be a comfortable home, but this family has been so steady in the face of the impossible that we know they'll make the best use of it until Life brings them a better option.

Keep your eye on our social media as we complete their Bus and get ready to turn the keys over to this family. We plan to post a 'wish list' of items they'll need to furnish it, and we look forward to your help and support.

UPDATE: This particular match is on hold while the Larimer family sorts out a few obstacles that are preventing them from accepting this vehicle.