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Nico was caught up in a cycle of (some) relief, then back to bad outbreaks - over and over again.
A very special project in partnership with Rudsdale Newcomer High School in East Oakland.
Show off your dog and help us educate.We're looking for clear, fun photos and short (10sec max) videos of dogs having a blast while exercising in…
2018 - We are so ready for you. But before you arrive, we have to gather our wits from the whiplash lessons of 2017.
It's been a long time coming ... We're happy to unveil BADRAP's updated website. We hope you like it.
UPDATE: The contest has ended. BIG CONGRATS to the Kansas City Pet Project on winning the calendar contest cover AND the Jonny Justice carving!
When Amy and James asked to adopt Matzo Ball, they told us they had two cats at home, in addition to their two dogs. Would it work?
Note: This was written in response to those who asked why reps from dog advocacy group BADRAP chose to participate in the Women's March.
Urban Street Skills - It's What You Want. Most dog owners want great 'street manners' ie, a dog that can walk down a busy street looking rock star…