Zippy - Vick Dog: Adopted

Zippy - Vick Dog

Zippy first found herself famous with this photo in Sports Illustrated, surrounded by the children in her home. Pre-teens Eliana and Vanessa helped mom take care of Zippy at the time in addition to new arrival baby Francisco. Since then, new sibling Tatiana arrived on the scene and the family grew yet again - What a busy household! Now a senior dog, she still thrives on the commotion and fun that the kids bring to the home. Zippy also earned fame by peeing on the shoes of 'Lost Dogs' author Jim Gorant when he want to the house to meet the energetic girl for his book, The Lost Dogs. And later, when she entertained Washington Post editor Carol Guzy during a now famous series of at-home photos.

That's been the life of Zippy. Never boring, always full of some kind of excitement including the many voices of the friends and family who come by to celebrate life. We believe that she wouldn't have it any other way.