Bailey the Connector: Adopted

Bailey the Connector


We met Bailey back in Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina. Unclaimed by her owners, she came home to live with a foster home who introduced her to therapy dog work. Bailey was a natural and earned her certification, but she sat for months without a nibble of interest. The same day we shifted her to our kennels at 'Pit Bull Hall,' she met a woman who runs a camp for kids with autism. Kismet.

As you can guess, Bailey is now a proud family member as well as designated mascot for Andy's work with children. She tells us that some of the kids who have the had the hardest time communicating have found their voice through their connection with Bailey. The highlight of her first summer on the job was going on a camping trip with the whole group. What a pleasure for Bailey, as well as the kids. 

Bailey's example is not so unusual. Pit bull type dogs are well known for their ability to connect with children with autism. We're so proud to have known this special dog.

Update: Bailey passed away on August 15, 2018, after a long life of love and happy adventures. We're forever grateful to Nicole Rattay, who first fostered her, and to her adopters, Andy and John Chasko, who helped her share her gifts with the world.