The Gift of Volunteerism - Help Us Help Them


Foster Homes

Volunteer foster homes make all the difference in a shelter dog's ability to return to normal life. Learn more from our Foster Home Faq. If you think you'd like to embark on this exciting adventure, please fill our our questionnaire, then we'll arrange to meet with you to discuss this important work.

Barn Crew

A dedicated team of dog lovers helps soothe, socialize and train special canine survivors who live in BADRAP's Rescue Barn. Do you have good leadership and problem solving skills? Do you work well in teams? Previous dog training experience preferred but not necesssary. Learn more about the Rescue Barn.

Vet Techs and Veterinarians for Low Income Public Outreach

To help us reach our goal of improving the lives of pit bulls in our more challenged communities, we are currently building a list of RVTs and DMVs who are willing to partner with us to provide resources to low income pit bull owners. Specifically, we need RVTs to offer vaccinations and DMVs to provide spay/neuter surgeries both in the field and at designated clinics. For more info on our needs and our monthly outreach events, please contact Sarah Williams. Thank you.

Shelter Dog Training

Every weekend, a crew of volunteer dog handlers gathers in Berkeley with us to train homeless pit bulls at BR's Pit Ed class. This opportunity is a fabulous way to help dogs in crisis while gaining important skills for more work with BR. Because the dogs you'll help typically live at Berkeley Animal Care Services, volunteers start this journey by first signing up to be a dog walker at the shelter. 

Sign up to attend the next BACS Orientation: DOG HANDLERS!

I became a volunteer handler at Berkeley Animal Control Services primarily so I could learn from and help Bad Rap. They have an awesome program that allows trained BACS volunteers to take pit bulls from the shelter to Bad Rap training classes. The idea behind this relationship is that a pit bull who is even slightly trained and somewhat socialized is much more likely to be adopted. Also, anyone who adopts a pit from the BACS shelter gets to attend Bad Rap's classes at no charge! I ended up adopting my "trainee." She was a terrible fence-fighter and very dog-reactive, but I saw potential. The Bad Rap trainers got us through the basics, gave me some socialization tips, and generally were just THERE for me when I needed questions answered. My dog passed her Canine Good Citizen test (much to my surprise) within a few months. Now we've moved on, and she's working on being certified as a therapy dog and an allergy-alert service dog. The Bad Rap folks gave both of us the confidence we needed to start out relationship, and I will be forever grateful for their expertise and patience. - Janet Wenholz

What does Pit Ed Class look like?




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