Using Craigslist

Creating an effective Craigslist ad to re-home a dog

Excruciating decisions. The lack of dog-friendly housing is one of the most common reasons pit bulls end up in shelters. Despite this family's hard work to find a home that would accept their children and their dog, they were forced to give her up. No blame. They did everything right. Their Craigslist ad made all the difference and their dog found a new home. What did they do right?

They didn't wait until the very last minute to find help.

They showed many photos of Kima living as a family member in their ad, including images of her enjoying the children. 

They described her history, her personality, her likes and dislikes, and helped us see that she was well loved and well socialized to both people and other dogs.

They had already spayed her and she was up to date on her vaccinations (irresponsible homes are less likely to want spayed/neutered dogs).

They rearranged their schedule for a meet-n-greet, and brought her to a training class so the new home could take her for a little test drive (responsible homes welcome the idea of training support).

They spent time getting acquainted with the new home and watched them together to see if the match was right.

Satisfied that the match was right, they said their painful good-byes but remain in contact with the new home and, one year later, still enjoy photos and updates of Kima in her new home.

As painful as it was to say good bye, Kima was able to avoid the high volume shelter where she was headed, and the family now knows their girl is in good hands. We can't fix the housing crisis, but with some work, we can all work to prevent more dogs from ending up in the shelter, starting with socializing dogs as much as possible and reaching out to our community via Craigslist and facebook when we need help. 

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