Training Videos

Training Videos.

Created for shelter and rescue workers. Great info for conscientious dog owners too!


1. How to teach "four on the floor" to discourage jumping.

2. How to exercise a kenneled dog that can't be walked.

3. How to desensitize a dog to nail clippers.

4. New dog intros - For dogs that are already reasonably well-socialized to other dogs.

5. New dog intros - Taking it slow for a female that doesn't trust new dogs.

6. By popular demand - Properly fitting a prong collar.


7. Fitting a Martingale Collar

8. A How-to for holding a leash in obedience class.

9. Using the flirt pole to train/exercise your dog. Download the How-To PDF -- Flirt Pole Basics

10. Food Puzzles for Fun

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