Training Classes

BAD RAP's Award Winning Training Classes:


Pit Ed Class - Berkeley, CA - As part of our mission, we offer a class that helps owners of 'blocky headed' dogs learn healthy ways to build a better relationship with their pet. This on-leash class will give you the skills you need to enjoy a calm, focused dog around even the most exciting distractions. 

/// NOTICE: Due to the heavy demand, we have a regrettably long wait list. So we are temporarily closing class registration while we can catch up with class requests. Thanks for understanding! ///

We will continue to hold the door open to Good Samaritans (people who find dogs and file found dog reports), BADRAP and BACS adopters and clients from our KeepEm Home events who demonstrate a need for more support. Thank you for understanding! 

BAD RAP was proud to receive the American Humane Association's 2006 Award for Best Practices in Behavior and Training.


SF Bay Area Dog Trainers who Specialize

  • Mike Wombacher - On the Peninsula - 'Doggone Good.' Mike's especially helpful guiding parents who have dog/kid issues at home. (Heads Up: He's somewhat pricey and very busy) 415-437-0848
  • Sirius Puppy Training - Training for the pups out there.


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