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Some of our favorite work centers around helping shelter workers get the information and resources they need to help the dogs in their care. Please review our information and let us know if we can help you with some of the challenges that you face at your animal shelter.

Webpages on this site:

Curbing Kennel Stress - Effective strategies LINK

Pit Ed Camp - A special training for shelter staff and rescuers LINK

Training - Tips and Videos LINK

Public outreach - Designing an owner support program. - LINK

Presentations at your shelter - Ask us if we can present at your conference or facilitate a workshop for your staff and volunteers. Email

Take-Home for Adopters. Probably the single most helpful info-piece you can give new homes. A New Dog in the House

Info Links for Adopters. The Dog Owner Bible. Many shelters ask their adopters to read as part of the adoption process.


Using Facebook well increases adoptions. Learn how:



Organizations that raise the bar for everyone:

These orgs inspire and motivate us. 

  • National Canine Research Council - For expert opinion and science. We refer to them constantly!
  • Animal Farm Foundation - Inspirational info and granting opportunities for programs that benefit 'pit bull' dogs. 
  • Animal Farm Foundation's 'Turbo Charging Pit Bull Adoptions' SLIDESHOW
  • Center for Shelter Dogs - Working to improve the welfare of shelter animals through research, resources and trainings.
  • DINOS or 'Dogs in Need of Space' - A fantastic common sense survival guide for owners of fearful and/or reactive dogs who just want to enjoy their walks in peace.





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