Printable Hand Outs

Printable Hand-Outs

Yes! With full permission to download, print and distribute.



Popular! 'A New Dog in the House'

A guideline for designing a smooth transition of new adopted dogs into your household and routine.

We swear by it! NEW DOG  

Also, TIE DOWNS! You need one in your house. Maybe two or three!








NEW! For Renters, Nonprofits and Educators


How to land a dog friendly apartment.

Two Large PDFs for Printing 

1. Pet Resume Ingredients

   2. Home Search Strategies  

Two Smaller JPGs for Social Media 

1. Pet Resume Ingredients

2.Home Search Strategies





Dog-on-Dog Aggression 

What the Vick dogs taught us about dog/dog aggression in the real world.










FREE! Kennel Enrichment Graphics for Animal Shelters

Download, Print, Trim, Laminate and attach to treat buckets at your kennels to remind staff and volunteers to encourage good kennel manners.


Securing the future of America's 'blocky dogs' as a cherished family companions.