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Thank you for your interest. Above: William Brangham and his crew from PBS Show 'Need to Know' on location at BADRAP's facility for the filming of this special on the Vick dogs 'The Dogs are Alright.'


Select headlines

  • The Dodo covers BADRAP's The Keep'Em Home Project
  • San Mateo Daily News: BADRAP earns a Training Award
  • Photo Gallery with BADRAP founders for Los Angeles Times
  • Contra Costa Times: Outlining BADRAP's participation in the Vick dog rescue
  • A comprehensive list of favorite news pieces that covered BADRAP's work with the Vick dogs
  • BADRAP Nominated Sportsman of the Year by Sports Illustrated Magazine
  • A lovely piece detailing BADRAP's 'Rescue Barn' in The Coastal Canine Magazine - ARTICLE. Full photo spreads detailing the barn's features: FLIPBOOK     
  • ABC Nat'l news: Great coverage of a milestone for the Vick dogs: Five Year Reunion                                                                                                                              



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