The village gets busy

nut truck badrap

Bentley was the last pup from an unintended litter. His caretakers were Good Samaritans who took his mama dog in when she was an East Oakland stray. We met them all at our owner support event when they dropped by for spay/neuter surgeries for both dogs. We'd seen Bentley on a Craigslist pets ad and knew he was in need of a home, so getting him fixed was a priority. 

A lucky break: This lovely photo from our day together caught the eye of a BADRAP facebook follower who was in the market for a young spirited dog. Emails were exchanged and Bentley's soon to be new home traveled up the coast to meet him and his Good Sams at a Saturday Pit Ed class. Needless to say, he's not an orphan anymore and the wonderful Thompson family is very happy to be a one-dog family again. 

Below: The Thompsons comfort Bentley before his neuter.