Camp Fire Evacuees


In November 2018, much of our Dog Owner Support focus swung towards families who were evacuated by the terrible Camp Fire that ravaged Butte County, CA. 50K people lost their homes. Most had only enough time to grab their pets before the flames pressed in, forcing them to run for their lives.

Below are just some of the stories of connections we've made along with corresponding photos (see slideshow below text). And more importantly, ways you can reach out and offer more support to these survivors.

Newer recipient of KEH support: The Englant family.

1. Walt & Sheila Lane have been struggling to find safe housing since the fires. We were able to offer them a financial gift for emergency expenses, some supplies, vet care and training/behavior help for their very rattled dog, Loki. They've been staying in hotels, but will need a trailer soon, and we're standing ready to help them get one once they sort out a good location. Their story and their fundraiser HERE.

2. Rita Miller, her partner Aaron & dog Nimbus. Shelter life after losing their home was very hard on all of them. We were able to provide some supplies and a financial gift to help them buy a tiny trailer. Aaron is back at work now. Rita is disabled, but would love to volunteer with animals when she recovers. They can always use more support and soon, a dog friendly rental or larger trailer. Fundraiser HERE.

square3. Leslie Parsons and dog Buddy lost their home but were lucky to receive a 30' trailer, donated by BR friend, Amanda Buchmann. Your donations allowed us to cover the bulk of the towing costs all the way from North Dakota. We'll be helping Buddy with a surgery to correct cryptorchidism once they get rested. Their STORY. And FUNDRAISER.

4. Cinda Larimer, her partner Charles, dog Buddy, four cats and a turtle have been living in either their car or hotel rooms since losing their home to the fire. Donations allowed us to offer them a larger financial gift towards the goal of purchasing a motorhome or truck and trailer for three adults and all their animals. They are still in critical need of financial help. Their story and fundraiser is HERE. 

5. Tammy Mezera and dog Nel lost their home and have spent weeks sleeping in their car. Your donations pumped up her fundraiser and allowed us to make a financial gift towards a trip back east, where a donated Camper is waiting for her to accept and drive back to CA. Their new 'home.' Nel will be staying in the Rescue Barn during their trip and will be vetted, spayed and brought up to date on her vaccines and microchip. Their story and fundraiser is HERE.

6. After Megan lost her home in the fire, her Husky Myah was accidentally bred while staying in a crowded house with other evacuees and their dogs. Your donations allowed us to spay Myah and update all her dogs' vaccines, and connections on our Facebook page got busy helping Megan network for a job search in her new home in Portland. Her fundraiser is HERE.