The Giving Tree

 The dogs on this page inspired a gift of $500 or more. This amount covers the costs incurred to provide vet care, basic comforts, training and enrichment for a dog in BR’s Ambassadog shelter program until s/he finds a home. Gifts given to commemorate birthdays or other special occasions receive a "Thank You" letter in addition to website acknowledgement. We're so very grateful to these generous givers!

Contact us to set up a gift.

Rachael Ray's Isaboo
gave to BR dog Lolo

Handsome Tank inspired
Cheryl & Ray Banuelos
to give to help the Oklahoma dogs.

Loren G. Martin's friend Trevor inspired a gift to help the Oklahoma bust dogs.

Carol and Larry Cohn's girl Otter gave to help BR's vet costs.

Pam & Glyn Quarterly's pals Sara Jane & Minky helped kick off the barn raising in a big way.

The Harrington family's girl Moo helped us buy our Ambassadog trailer and BR-mobile.

Maureen Murray's girl Pony inspired a wonderful gift towards the barn.

Aaron Woolman's love Portia inspired him and fiance Lisa to ROCK the barn raising project.

Cara Smith's pal Wriggley inspired a heartfelt gift to help his pit bull cousins!

Ten BR dogs are being helped in memory of Greg and Lauren Glassman's sweet love Fudgie.

Terri Tygielski's beloved Eddie inspired this wonderful painting in addition to a kind gift to the BAD RAP pit bulls.

Petal Berkey is watching over the barn project from her angel's perch.

Jason King's girl Princess reached out to cruelty victim Loretta from her angel's perch.

The handsome Mo inspired a generous gift that helped save the life of a mother dog and her three babies.


Mariah Dabel & Miguel Carrillo got hitched and their generous guests donated their wedding gifts to the foster dogs in our program in Mollie's name. 


Securing the future of America's 'blocky dogs' as a cherished family companions.