Favorite How-To Links

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Basics for Rescues, Shelters, New Adopters

1. VERY POPULAR - Bringing a New Dog Home (PDF)

2. Fostering: The Basics

3. Dog/Dog Intros - Take It Slow

4. Expert Help to Socialize Sassy Pups

5. In Praise of Tie Downs

6. Foster Dog Bootcamp!


Sage Advice and Info for Protecting Your Dog

1. Remedies for Skunks, Stings, etc.

2. Advice for Keeping Seniors Healthy

3. Taking care of your dog after your death.

4. Great Advice for Landlords 

5. Advice for Renters

6. Know your rights, Protect your dog: Dog Law

7.  Understanding Dog-Tolerance Levels: Dog/Dog

8.  Living well with Multi Dogs

9.  Tips for Socializing Your Dog

10. Ins and Outs for Monitoring Dog Play

11. Nothing in Life is Free... Oh so helpful.

12. Pet Harbor ... If your shelter doesn't post its strays there, ask them why.

13. Pet Finder ... Available pet listings from rescues and shelters.

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