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Although the bulk of our work is centered around education and advocacy, we would be lost without our rescue focus to keep us tied to the souls of the dogs. Our foster dogs remind us every day why it's important to keep pushing this project into the future. The faces in this gallery all came from crisis situations but are eager to show you why dogs live in the present instead of dwelling on the past. A small team of dedicated volunteers stay busy shining up their halos while they wait for new homes.

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This active teen was born in September '16. It's been fun to watch this smarty girl's eyes light up when she learns something new. A true tomboy; she plays rough and loves a good romp with her dog friends. 

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Hank Panky

Funny Man Hank. He's a lap-seeking low rider with round saucer eyes. He makes friends easily and will find himself in the middle of just about every play group session going on. This one is a real character and can go to just about any kind of home. 


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Adoption pending:

ADOPTION PENDING. Born sometime 11/16, Zelda showed up as an unclaimed stray pup. Good thing she's confident -- the unsettled beginnings didn't seem to rattle her at all. Quite possibly a cattle dog mix - she's got a stubby tail, and that special 'Bossy Pants' personality that draws people to cow dogs. She's house trained to a dog door, feisty, adorable and fun.

This pup is perfect for:

  • An adopter who enjoys intelligent, strong willed dogs.
  • A home with cats and/or dog-savvy children.
  • A home with another confident dog or two who can lay down the law and help Zelda grow up with great dog/dog manners.

More PHOTOS. Watch our Instagram page for videos of this little vixen.

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Lois, Lolito, Lolo

Whatever you call her is fine by her - Just don't call her late for the party! This brawny girl is all about good times with her cheerful, bouncy bull-in-a-china-shop personality. She loves to play hard with her dog friends and does her best to impress us with her manners. Here are some more PHOTOS

See Lolo on our Instagram page.

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Lil Duzi

Party Girl is Duzi is looking forward to meeting families in her search for home. She's about five years old and full of spunk. She's been fostered with other dogs and enjoys their company. More PHOTOS.

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Oh my gosh, have we got a ding-dong on our hands here. To be fair, Spock is just a pup (probably born in May), and he's doing a fabulous job keeping all the adult dogs here entertained with his youngster antics. Just a "Nice Kid." If you're looking for a simple, happy uncomplicated boy - he could be the one. This video shows him having a little play session with barn buddy Lolo: VIDEO 


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Adoption pending:


Miss Personality! She's as awesome in person as she is in her photos. This girl is smart, connected, patient and eager. She wants to sit in your lap as badly as she wants you to throw a toy for her. What to do first? Do it all!

Zilla has such a good attitude that whatever you decide you want to do is her favorite part of the day. We are green with envy for whoever adopts this dog! 


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Adoption pending:
(Funny) Bunny

ADOPTION PENDING. Wee Bunny tells us that she's a Staffordshire Bull Terrier (a la Jonny Justice) and she's about as cute and happy as they make'm. About 1.5 years old, loves other dogs, adores people and is generally just a good time Charlie.

Here she is, the first time she was set loose in the yard during a break from her cone: VIDEO

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BADRAP's 2017 Calendar

Celebrating the dogs who lived in BADRAP's Rescue Barn in 2016 on their way to their adoptive HOMES! We've been able to save these lives because you value this work. We're so grateful for your generosity.

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What a Softie! Cooper is a warm and affectionate boy who came to us with what we call 'low self esteem.' He didn't seem to know what to do in this new world ('What's a toy? What's a leash?), and can be tentative. Although the more life experience he gets, the faster his confidence perks up. He seems especially amazed that so many nice people and dogs want to be his friends. 

This sweet, simple guy thinks the Rescue Barn is the best thing since canned hot dogs, but soon enough he'll be ready to graduate to life with a real live family. Approx three years old. He appears to be house trained, he's been doing well with his dog friends and he just adores people. 



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ADOPTED! This lovely girl is having a great time at the Rescue Barn with all her new friends. About 3-5 years old, full of fun and good vibes. 

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Adoption pending:
Toby Elf

ADOPTION PENDING. With delicate features and melting eyes, he's simply remarkable, isn't he? He's also very connected, responsive and affectionate. 

Born the first week of May, Of course he'd love to live with other pets and/or dog-friendly children.



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Adoption pending:
Big Elf

ADOPTION PENDING. Born the first week of May, Big Elf and his brothers are clearly mixed breed pups although it's anybody's guess what they might be. With delicate features and melting eyes, they're simply remarkable, aren't they? They're also very connected, responsive and affectionate. 

We're currently looking for three separate homes (honestly, it's better for everyone!). Of course they'd love to live with other pets and/or dog-friendly children.



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Adoption pending:

ADOPTION PENDING. What a doll! Snorkles is a lovely little ball of muscle and sweetness. She's sensitive, social, affectionate and thrilled to be enjoying her new friends at the Rescue Barn. Round about 2 years old, very neat and clean (house-trained) and patient in her kennel. We just adore her.

Yes, that's quite the overbite she has. It's part of what makes her so special and does not affect her ability to chew. 



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ADOPTED. Born the first week of June or thereabouts, this young pup appears to be predominantly pit bull right now. She's healthy, connected, feisty and of course adorable. She's getting all the good socialization that young dogs deserve and will be a lovely dog for someone who is ready for the work of a puppy and the joy of a lifetime companion.

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Adoption pending:


Born the first week of May, Freckles and his brothers are clearly mixed breed pups although it's anybody's guess what they might be. With delicate features and melting eyes, they're simply remarkable, aren't they? They're also very connected, responsive and affectionate. 



Talk to Donna about Freckles

Chessa / Puppy

ADOPTED! Born the first of May, Chessa is raring to get life started so she can enjoy what's in store. Her dad is a Malamute and her mom is a husky-mix. A great combo of fluff and fiesty! Raised with kids and other dogs. She's confident and daring - No doubt she's looking forward to all the trouble she'll get into as she matures. 

Look at those eyes! Are you ready for this? Send a note and we'll reply with an application. 



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This little pup scored adopters the first week she was here. She's home now under a 'Foster/Adopt' contract, meaning, her new people are loving her up and helping her learn big girl manners. Once she's spayed, they'll be signing adoption papers.

Do you keep missing the dogs you like in our adoption program?

Consider coming to one of our Saturday training classes in Berkeley. We'll introduce you to several great dogs and even more, we'll have a chance to discuss what you're looking for. Let us know if we should look for you! Directions Here.

Adoption pending:
Matzo Ball

ADOPTION PENDING - Once the cats in the house say it's okay, Matzo will be home for keepers. :-)

This sweetie is everybody's friend. About two years old and full of heart. His photos describe him best:


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Adoption pending:

ADOPTION PENDING. Willis scored and so did his new family!

Breed fanciers will enjoy this burly dude named Willis. He's confident, sweetly connected and SILLY. Probably around three years old, he was already neutered when he showed up as a stray. Keep your eyes on this page for more photos and updates as he gets ready for his next incarnation as a beloved family clown.

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Dogs in the Wings

At any given time, we have a small handful of dogs who are not listed on the website. These may be dogs with medical issues or basic behavior challenges that are getting sorted out, dogs who are part of custody holds or compassion hold cases, OR dogs who are waiting for a foster home or barn space before they can come in our program.

Please let us know if you'd like to discuss...

Finding a dog of a specific age, size or personality style that you don't see here

Being a foster parent to a shelter dog

Providing a safe, temporary space for a dog that needs a gentle end (compassion hold)

Talk to BADRAP about Dogs in the Wings


The adorable senior Kizzy is off to a new phase in life. A tragic turn sent her down a new path when her young owner died. BAD RAP adopted Kizzy out back in July of 2005, so she’s now approaching 12 years old. Though still has a lot of spunk, she doesn’t need much more than a walk or two per day and she’s good to go. Kizzy is a typical lap dog who loves the heck out of people of all ages, but she should probably be an only dog as she can be picky about her dog friends. She is house trained and loves her dog crate, but a sofa would be her personal preference!

Talk to Tim about Kizzy

Adoption pending:

ADOPTION PENDING. This pretty girl is about three years old. She's warm and personable, gentle and connected. Right now she's living in our Rescue Barn and enjoys play sessions with several of the dogs. She is a strong candidate for homes with cats, too.

She's a refuge from the Valley Fire. Somebody clearly loved her; she has some obedience skills, is nicely socialized and expects the best out of everyone. Whimsy is a sporty girl with longs legs and an athlete's body. Please write for an application and to arrange a meeting. Thank you!


Talk to Donna about Whimsy

Adoption pending:

ADOPTION PENDING. Hoodoo is such a gem. He's about ten months old, sugar sweet and easy to be with. With that underbite and markings, we have to believe that he's got Boxer in his family tree. He's 'lap sized,' has great play manners and he's showing us that someone taught him a few basic manners.

Adorable boy! He'll be very popular - but first things first: He needs to decompress from shelter life, shine up his manners and get neutered. He's already helping to exercise some of the dogs in our program. Thank you Hoodoo! 



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