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An Offer: Housing Opportunity for Dog Owners in Need

A Special Keep'Em Home Project

busShorty Buses as temporary homes. We've received a number of retired transit buses and because they're in such excellent shape, we're matching them with qualified dog owners who are facing housing hardships. This is a pay-what-you-can, transfer of ownership offer.

The vans offer great 'tiny home' conversion potential and are best for someone who'll use them as a stepping stone until more suitable housing is found.

Short Bus Conversion Examples

We're open to sweat-equity exchanges - ie, someone who has the motivation to remove the seats and install a floor in two vans can keep one van as their own. These aren't for everyone, but for someone who's facing the pain of giving up their dog(s) due to lack of housing, it's a great opportunity to have some security with the freedom to search for a more permanent, dog-friendly home.




Awesome job however therw are families now with dogs who are homeless because of a fire that took our whole town. My son and I had PTSD before the fire and 1of our dog's is a pitbull we adopted from a shelter. Is there hope for us? there are 4 of us and 2 dogs.

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