Bedrock Babes: Coming Soon

Bedrock Babes

We're ready for applications for the pups (See below) 

Wilma, Fred, Dino and Bam-Bam. Born on August 2, these pups will be ready to start thinking about new homes by the end of September. There are 3 boys, one girl. Mama dog Susi is sensitive and fantastic with people, so the pups will likely inherit her outlook.

bulbImportant: A dog's tolerance for other dogs comes from a blend of nature + nurture and is influenced by genetics, socialization, training and - important! - owner management, not "How he was raised." Based on what we know about Susi so far, we expect that some or all of the pups will grow up to be dog selective at maturity and will require common sense management around other dogs. Read up to learn how that works: Dog Tolerance Levels.